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Hello Perth!

Welcome to Ultra Web. This is our first post. And Hello to everyone in Perth.

The phrase “Hello, World!” is a simple program that is often used to introduce people to a new programming language. It is a way to test that a computer language is correctly installed and can be used to write simple programs. This is our take on a Hello to Perth.

The first known usage of the phrase “Hello, World!” as a test program was in the early 1970s. Brian Kernighan, a computer scientist at Bell Labs, included the program in his tutorial on the C programming language as a way to illustrate the basic syntax of the language. The program consists of a single line of code that prints the phrase “Hello, World!” to the screen.

Since then, the phrase “Hello, World!” has become a standard example in many programming languages, and is often the first program that new programmers write when learning a new language. It serves as a simple, yet powerful, way to test a programming environment and get started with writing code.

The phrase “Hello, World!” has also been used in a wider context as a way to greet and introduce oneself to others in the programming community. It is a simple, yet friendly, way to say hello and start a conversation.

The phrase “Hello, World!” has a long history in the world of programming and continues to be a popular example for new programmers learning a new language. It is a simple program that serves as a powerful tool for testing and learning how to code.

So Hello World! and Hello Perth!

Author: ultraweb

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